• collection integration

    Consolidating Information Collections

    Bringing together two collections means there may be duplication and unneeded documents. During this process we will:

    • Conduct an Audit: Done at the document level for every file.
    • Create a Clear Picture: Establish your obligations and provide the relevant data from every file.
    • Validate Data: Review key points of data, validate them and enter them into your system.
  • document or file conversion

    Managing File Conversions

    Once your files are cleaned and consolidated, the next step is to convert all formats to a standard filing system. TAB can successfully integrate new records via:

    • Classification & File Standards: Developing and applying the right classification system and file standard across the entire collection.
    • Document Level Conversions: Ensuring every document within a file meets existing standards.
    • Physical Conversions: Imaging paper-based records and converting to electronic for greater efficiency.