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    Conversion Benefits

    Going electronic delivers big benefits for energy companies asked to do more with less.

    • Better Access: With easier search and retrieval, your business information becomes a competitive advantage.
    • Free Up Space: Going electronic helps reduce space requirements for storage of your physical files.
    • Realize Efficiencies: With fewer physical records to manage, staff costs can be reduced.
  • getting-ready

    Getting Started

    Planning and executing your conversion project starts with our conversion framework process.

    • Information Usage: Understanding how your information and records are used and organized.
    • Current Picture: Determining where your information currently exists and in what formats.
    • Future Proof: Learning how information will be used and stored in the future.
  • subject matter advisor

    Why TAB?

    We have helped energy companies of all sizes convert their physical files and manage their electronic records.

    • Project Management: We can support your staff and records before, during and after conversion.
    • Subject Matter Advisors: Our experienced staff understand the unique requirements for energy file management.
    • Proven Processes: Our project methodology keeps your files accessible throughout the electronic conversion project.