• optimize files

    Optimize Your Files

    Efficient records management is critical to the information-dependent energy sector. We can help you:

    • Prepare for A&D: Get ready to add or remove collections.
    • Realize Operational Efficiencies: Add personnel and services only as needed.
    • Get Better Access: Improve lifecycle management for all information.
    • Store Inactive Records: Organize and archive your old files at TAB’s Record Centre.
  • imaging services

    Get Organized

    Let TAB help you get your files in shape.

    • Inventory, Identify, Index: Develop a comprehensive database of every file in your collection.
    • Clean House: Purge documents and files you no longer need to keep.
    • Go Digital: Convert paper documents and physical formats to digital formats.
  • information governance, document level

    Set Your Standard

    Your business information should be managed under a single, standardized system.

    • From Many into One: Bring together different file collections created in mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.
    • At the Document Level: Standardize the arrangement of documents within files.
    • Policies and Procedures: Create a framework to keep your physical files in optimal condition.