• imaging services

    How It Works

    Whether you need consulting services, outsourcing, project support or back file scanning, TAB will use our tested project management process to help you:

    • Get the Right Fit: Determine if imaging is right for your organization.
    • Plan and Prepare: Ensure your existing records management program is ready for imaging.
    • Go Electronic: Develop a full document imaging and electronic records program.
  • getting-ready

    Getting Ready

    TAB will help you prepare for the transition to your electronic records environment. We will:

    • Examine Workflow: Get a thorough understanding of how your information and records are currently used and organized.
    • Inventory Your Information: Determine where your information currently exists and in what format.
    • Determine Future Use: Understanding how you will use and store the information in the future.
  • going digital

    Going Digital

    We have deep experience converting physical records into digital format for energy companies, including:

    • Operational Files: Imaging everything, including non-standard documents in well, surface, area, pipeline, supply chain, contract, joint interest, mineral and EHS files.
    • A&D Files: Converting all information associated with the transaction, including new collections.
    • Non-Standard Formats: At the file or document level, we have the capability to image almost any physical document, regardless of size or format.