• financial benefits of onsite document imaging

    Consider the Benefits

    Using your own facility for capture makes good business sense for energy companies.

    • Reduce Cost: Onsite means not having to invest in expensive equipment, hardware and software, as well as people and process.
    • Easy, Safe & Efficient: Records don’t leave your site, meaning increased security, minimal risk and reduced overall project complexity.
    • Quicker Access: Capture at your facility means the new files can be integrated directly into your network to reach their final destination.
  • how onsite imaging works

    How It Works

    TAB provides the planning, tools, equipment, staffing and management before, during and after your capture project. Our process is simple:

    • Get Ready: Full file preparation by TAB and/or your team.
    • Conversion: Imaging of paper into digital format.
    • Audit and Access: Fast delivery of high quality images.